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Digitized Inspection Management System

ASTRAM™ is one of the first cloud based integrated inspection management system that eliminates the use of pen and paper to record asset information during repair or routine inspection. It completely automates inspection scheduling of assets.

ASTRAM™ is equipped to use QR Codes, Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID, and NFC for asset tracking. ASTRAM™ is also capable of capturing data while the mobile devise is offline and syncs to the main database once connected to internet, eliminating dependency on availability of internet in remote or underground inspection sites.

The inspection management module offers an array of benefits to its users. Some of the key benefits are:

Seamless Workflow

  • One workflow to manage all the inspection requests through proper task allocations, online inspections and quality check on Inspections
  • Authenticated online approvals to save time and effort
  • Automated Revision Control of all documents

On-line Customizable Forms

  • Standard Templates & Forms, with option to customize
  • Camera integrated with Inspection workflow to take pictures during Inspections

Standardized Reports

  • Professional, easy to read & print reports with pictures

Access to Client Asset

  • Asset owner can allow Inspectors to view asset details
  • Easy preparation of inspection reports, with option for preview to quality check
  • All inspection report of an asset gets automatically tagged to the asset


  • Progressive Web App accessible from any operating system — Laptops, Tabs, Smartphones
  • Offline Inspection mode to enable Inspection in areas without any network coverage
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