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Asset Life Cycle Management

Organizations spend enormous amount of time and effort to manage the lifecycle of assets in order to ensure a smooth production line. ASTRAM™ provides a digital platform, integrated with Inspection and QMS module to reduce the effort of managing asset life cycle.

The  key benefits of ASTRAM™ Asset Lifecyle Management module are:

  • Easy to use centralized application for planning maintenance and replacement of asset
  • Systematic alerts and standardized documentation for facilitating compliance to requirements of Regulatory Bodies
  • One click access to all reports related to any asset
  • System driven depreciation management
  • Custom reports and Historic maintenance log of assets for trend analysis
  • Barcode and QR Code scanning feature for easy identification of assets

ASTRAM™  offers customers a high return on investment by offering a range of tangible and intangible benefits. ASTRAM™ reduces the time required for generating reports by 85%, thereby improving the productivity of your resources.

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