Training & Development

Making a decision of whether to leave employee training & learning programmes to an in-house team or outsource the function is a critical decision when determining an organizations long-term business & talent development strategy.

The decision is largely based on costs and the need for subject matter expertise. Most organisations prefer not to invest in a full-fledged training team encompassing all learning expertise and rather look at getting selective subject matter expertise externally.

Asset One has expertise in providing full support in a range of learning solutions. We work with our clients to develop and deliver lightly tailored through to fully customised learning solutions.  We use our unique blend of behavioural insight, business experience, and best practices to cultivate the skills and behavioural change that optimize employee and organizational performance. Our employee training and development programs cover a wide array of topics in the critical areas of HR compliance, risk mitigation, management skills, workplace effectiveness, personal effectiveness, interpersonal skills, leadership development, management development, technical trainings, and so forth. All our specialist courses are tailored to the needs of industry professionals that combine academic rigor with applications to real world situations.

We also have in-depth experience of working in close collaboration with niche subject matter experts to incorporate client specific knowledge into our learning solutions. We have done this through our vast and diversified experiences across industries and benchmarked practices in the field of competency based learning solutions.


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